A Weekend Indulgence

A Weekend Indulgence

What does your perfect weekend look like?

Some fantasise of a romantic getaway to Paris, with a petite, elegant travel companion. You could share freshly-baked croissants at a charming Parisian café and take a stroll along the Seine as you share amusing anecdotes. You could window-shop at intriguing antiques stores, and she could model the latest Louboutin heels for you in designer boutiques. Private shopping is always enjoyable.

Others would be thrilled by Monaco or Singapore, enjoying a Grand Prix event in the company of a head-turning model whilst sipping Champagne. You would certainly be at the centre of attention with one of our enviable companions. Expect glamour, chic and lots of socialising at world-class sporting competitions.

For those who prefer to relax out of the public eye, our Concierge proposes a luxurious villa in Bali in winter or New Zealand in summer, framed by lush jungle or nestled on a coastal cliff. Your gorgeous companion would be delighted, basking in the tropical scents and sounds. Hidden from prying eyes, you could enjoy midnight swims under the stars, elaborate dinners cooked by your private chef, and couples’ massages from a skillful local therapist. Paradise on earth.

*Concierge is a complimentary service for customers only.

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