Please remember that each of our models, actors or actresses is your guest of honour. She will be delighted to treat you as her gracious host.

Booking Etiquette

We’ve explained our services and values for you in the Why We are Different page, and detailed why the models we represent are of an elevated and at times unattainable calibre of Exceptional talent. If, after reading this, you’re still wondering “What will I get for my money?”, we are definitely not the right agency for you. Thank you for your interest.

Catering for affluent gentlemen, we are well aware of your busy schedule, how precious your leisure time is, and the need for arrangements in advance. Planning entertainment as carefully as planning business meetings allows our successful clientele to make the most out of their leisure time.

Unlike mainstream escort agencies, we do not cater to last-minute bookings. This would not be appropriate for our high-calibre talent, who have their own career commitments and responsibilities, unable to change plans at the last minute.

Considering that all the celebrity and VIP escort companions we represent have thriving, successful careers of their own, we recommend allowing at least 2-3 days to arrange a booking with a model in your locale, and 4-6 days for international models traveling to you. If you have a particular celebrity or VIP companion in mind, the booking is obviously subject to her availability.

Corporate or group bookings require much longer notice as they involve multiple companions and we need to ensure time for logistics.

Additionally, please allow time for payments via bank transfer to clear. Read more in Fees and Payments page.

We cater to an exclusive circle of privacy-cautious individuals. To ensure discretion, all our talent have signed non-disclosure agreements.
However, the high-flying careers of the celebrity talent we represent are of equal value to us and we safeguard their privacy just as stringently.

Although we operate under fully transparent, legally registered and genuinely operating business entities, we appreciate our clients’ need for financial discretion. Ask us about our Discreet Invoicing and bank statement record.

We only cater for high quality encounters. Although most of our dates are a weekend long, and week-long getaways are also very popular, our minimal booking duration is about 12-15 hours, for example, from dinner to after breakfast (this could of course be applied to a different time of day).

Please let us know the activities you intend to include in your itinerary. This ensures your VIP companion can bring appropriate attire and helps us in the matchmaking process as we can provide a companion with appropriate skills and interests (i.e. skiing/ hiking/ diving/ yoga etc).

Our companions are accustomed to 5-star hotels. Especially as a new client, please respect their comfort zone and arrange an appropriate venue for your meeting and accommodations.

Up to 3-4 hours can be flown in economy, but we prefer business class bookings especially for flights over 4 hours so that the model will be rested and fresh to meet you.

Please avoid delays by arranging a chauffeur or a hotel car transfer to collect the model from the airport. No private cars or Uber services would be considered appropriate. .

These are not expected but highly appreciated. Be it a perfume, a box of chocolates or a designer handbag – any little gift can make your guest feel your hospitality and kindness more keenly.

We are sure there is nothing two respectful adults can fail to agree upon, especially if both are willing to compromise a little. However, if you feel our intervention is needed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our support number will be provided in time for your meeting.

The Art Of Companionship

Derived from the ancient culture of Japanese Geisha and French Courtesans, the art of elegant companionship has flourished throughout the centuries. It has become a sophisticated method of introduction for elite gentlemen to a delightful, well-educated and impeccably groomed young ladies. Inspired by these traditional geisha and courtesans, our companions and VIP escorts are elegantly dressed, well spoken and well rounded. They are genuinely interested in new encounters, but they are obviously only available for true gentlemen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meeting An Escort Legal?

Absolutely! Being introduced to one of our accomplished companions is 100% legal.  To meet our high safety standards, we screen both parties to ensure that the encounter is both safe and mutually comfortable. Addressing privacy concerns of individuals with public profile, screening is done very discreetly and one’s name would never be associated with a dating or companionship agency. Ask us for details.

I Worry Information About My Identity and Public Persona Will Be Compromised

Your discretion is our ultimate priority. Our screening is very gentle and does not compromise your identity in the least. None of our confirmations are every associated with companionship or dating.

Additionally, we destroy all copies of documents provided after the screening process is complete (i.e. upon sighting). And finally, each of our talent and staff is required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Both our invoices and electronic payment receipts are highly discreet. Ask us for  details

Is Escorting What Your Companions Do Full Time?

Absolutely not! All of our models, actresses and career-ladies are in pursuit of full time, successful  careers. Our gorgeous part-time companions are screened, developed and represented by the Darling Muse International™ escort agency. They accept occasional meetings with high end people like you, while they all remain inspired, enthusiastic individuals with thriving careers.

After I Have Paid the Fees in Full, What if The Companion Doesn’t Show Up For Our Meeting?

This is impossible. We only work with proven reliable models, and are with her via phone contact through the entire process until arrival with you. We have never had a no-show, as all our companions are reliable, punctual and are genuinely happy to meet you. However, if any issue causes a delay, rest assured we will alert you immediately, and do our very best to either rectify things, or arrange another model. We are very proud of our work ethic and high standards. We are professional and will never let you down intentionally. Our reputation with you matters to us.

What is the Minimum Booking Duration?

We only cater for high quality experiences. Although most of our dates are a weekend long, and week-long getaways are also very popular, our minimal booking duration is a proper dinner-til-breakfast date (12-15 hours).

I Feel Anxious Appearing With an Escort in Public. I Worry the Arrangement Will Be Obvious.

Our models would never be suspected of being an arranged companion. Discretion is our top priority along with security. You can invite any of our gorgeous companions to any occasion, from charity galas to horse races to red-carpet events. Here’s why:

  • a. The companion will be always dressed discreetly and elegantly. If you require any particular attire (i.e. formal, casual, etc.), please let us know while arranging the booking.
  • b. The companion will always prioritise discretion, for her own sake as well as yours. She would never, ever mention the arrangement to anyone, and will behave as any other elegant, sophisticated date would behave.

Is Darling Muse International™ a Legal Entity?

Yes, Darling Muse International™ operates under a legally registered company, fully transparent both in terms of legislation and taxation. There is no connection whatsoever between Darling Muse and the company which facilitates its payments.

After I Have Paid the Fees in Full, What if My Plans Change & I Need to Cancel?

We understand things can change, and will accommodate you graciously. There is no cancellation fee, though any lost flights will be covered by you. Your settlement will be available to you in credit for your next meeting, any time you choose. Please read more in our Terms and Conditions.


Terms & Conditions

VIP Escort & Celebrity Introduction Service

  • 1.1 Darling Muse International™ specialises in celebrity and VIP escort introductions. Representing incomparably high standards of accomplished talent including but not limited to cover girls and catwalk models, Hollywood actresses, Instagram stars, athletes, writers, artists and entrepreneurs.
  • 1.2 Darling Muse International™ does NOT represent mainstream or full time escorts.
  • 1.3 Darling Muse International™ conducts casting in person, and thoroughly screens all the talent applicants.
  • 1.4 Darling Muse International™ operations cover major global capitals.

Concierge Service

  • 1.1 Catering for busy individuals who are accustomed to the finest things in life, our Concierge service facilitates high-end experiences and environments for quality entertainment, customised to suit the duration of one’s booking time. By advising on and helping secure exciting experiences and exclusive venues, Darling Muse International™’s Concierge team makes a booking with one of the VIP companions a perfect memory.
  • 1.2 Our concierge service operates as a complimentary VIP service exclusively for Darling Muse International™ members.
  • 1.3 No Concierge services are offered without Introduction services.

Payment, Cancellation & Refund

  • 1.1 Darling Muse International™ will take you through a consultation, but arranges services of introduction only after your account is settled in full.
  • 1.2 Your account may be settled via a major credit card, or a direct wire transfer. Cashier cheques can be accepted, with 6-9 weeks’ notice for clearing.
  • 1.3 Please bear in mind that we represent career-oriented talent, whose schedule is often rather tight. A cancellation that affect the model negatively may result in her refusing to accept a future invitation.
  • Regardless, we do not charge a cancellation fee, because cancellations are rare, and your funds will be in credit with Darling Muse International™ for a future meeting, minus any expenses incurred.