PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING This position is not full time. We only represent high-achieving talent with thriving careers such as modelling, film & TV, media, fashion, sports, business, art, literature, aviation and science etc. We would be delighted to hear from sophisticated, fresh, elegant, honest and reliable individuals. We do NOT represent full-time or mainstream per-hour escorts, nor anyone with substance abuse issues. Thank you.



Actors, models, performers and other entertainment industry professionals who have gained international recognition through appearing on the silver screen, magazine covers, official brand catwalks, commercial brand ambassador campaigns, etc.

Fresh, Elegant & Ambitious

While we represent many highly successful and accomplished models, we do also represent those still making their way to the top. Agency-signed models, aspiring actors, cabin crew, accomplished career-ladies and entrepreneurs are welcome to apply.

We do NOT represent full-time, by-the-hour escorts If you are listed on mainstream escort sites anywhere in the world, respectfully we cannot work with you.

Natural Beauty

Our gentlemen admire natural beauty. Certainly, sometimes a little help is required here and there. However please ensure none of your augmentations are evident. Out of proportion or obvious enhancements are unacceptable.

Kind & Warm Personality

Appearance is pointless without personality. We only represent individuals that are kind, empathetic and are genuinely interested in high-end connections. Polite manners go a long way. Your conduct should be unpretentious yet gracious at all times, even in your own life, since your upbringing would be refined also.

Self Sufficiency and Reliability

Many meetings involve national and international travel. You should always be punctual and reliable throughout our collaboration. Delays or last-minute cancellations will result in removal from our books. Our clients took time to select and invite you, We took time to promote and discuss you; you need to honour that. We are there with you 24/7 during your travel and meetings, however you must be confident and organised.

Honesty & Punctuality

Every companion signed with Darling Muse International™ is clearly tutored in what is expected. We accept models based on their perceived high standards, and trust you not to let down our company or our clients. Your reputation with us will determine your success. Just be authentic, we don’t expect robotic perfection. The truth always comes out in the end anyway.


Top 1%

We cater for the top 1% of the world’s most successful individuals, who are educated, respectful and considerate. That is why we represent only the crème de la crème of companions, and are extremely selective with both talent and clients.


We screen our clients and verify their identities; many of them we know personally. We also provide exceptional security throughout the world, so you’re never completely alone. We always ensure that meetings take place in a safe and comfortable location (usually an elegant restaurant or a 5-star hotel). We don’t visit private homes or arrange meetings in random locations.

Secured Funds

You will never be put in an awkward position of talking about or asking for money. As we are a 100% legal and tax transparent matchmaking agency, we secure funds upfront with a bank transfer or credit card settlement, and settle with you soon after the meeting comes to an end.

Cancellation Policy

We rarely receive cancellations; We just don’t generally deal with the type of person who isn’t serious. However once your time is engaged, the booking is confirmed and funds are secured. If the meeting is cancelled, any expenses incurred by you for flights etc will always be reimbursed, and we’ll try to re-book. We sympathise with clients’ emergencies, but we also deeply respect and care for our talent.

Privacy & Discretion

We realise that the talent we represent have public profiles and we protect their careers and private lives. Our talents’ discretion is ensured by the signing of a non-disclosure agreement. Additionally, NO images are published openly on the site.

Respecting Your Plans

You will never be proposed a last-minute meeting unless it is agreed otherwise as an exception. Our bookings start from 12 hours minimum in duration and are arranged 3-6 days in advance.


You can always ask for advice or seek emotional support. We consider the talent we represent our extended family and always stay in close touch for updates.