Sitting by the bar in a sophisticated lounge of a luxury hotel, you are full of anticipation. Your routine business trip evening is about to turn into something exciting and spectacular… And here she comes, your perfect companion arrives. A gorgeous young lady who will be your guide throughout the evening. Or perhaps it’s the other way around, and you will guide her, introducing her to an amazing traditional restaurant or a fashionable new bar recommended by our Concierge.

Warm greetings turn into an engaging conversation over cocktails, followed by a dinner that exceeds your expectations. With a charming companion by your side, the evening is aglow with laughter and warmth. Our elite companions are enchanting, well-educated and very friendly.

After the dinner is over, the night reveals its temptations: a Broadway show, a string of vibrant bars and exciting clubs open late into the night, or private cocktails and more conversation. Whatever you choose, be it an early night in or a full night out, our Concierge is delighted to recommend top venues around some of the world’s most renowned capital cities. Turn your brief business trip into an urban adventure for an evening.


*Concierge is a complimentary service for customers only.