For adrenaline lovers, in collaboration with professional extreme sports coaches we proudly present a range of exclusive tours from Heli-Ski to kite surfing, surfing, wake-boarding and more. Our range of global locations includes Brazil, Bali, Vegas, the Philippines and Kamchatka. Luxury adventure tours are complete with indulgent spa sessions, local cuisine tasting and much more.

Between May and September, our Ferrari long-weekends are available in Italy and include the chance to drive an exclusive selection of Ferrari cars through key locations from the history of the brand.

Yoga and spiritual development as well as surfing trips are available in Bali all year long.

Darling Muse Internationalâ„¢ represents a number of gorgeous professional athletes that along with many of our high-end companions love skiing, surfing and horseback riding. Most of the tours and experiences we recommend are by private arrangement, and therefore advance reservation is required.


*Concierge is a complimentary service for customers only.